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Welcome to the Research Data Management facilities

for the Baysting family history

Elijah Baysting familyCharles Baysting

This is a GenesONS supported web site

Collaborative Genealogical Research

The on-line systems supporting the collaborative research into the Baysting family history consist of this web site providing Research Data Management facilities and a separate GEDCOM Viewing and Management facility using the popular PhpGedView software. The overall set of facilities are in an early stage of its development and aim to attract interest from anyone that has an association with the Baysting name.

This Research Data Management site is being used to compile, develop and store a variety of unstructured information and a reasonable amount of the information provided is being made available to anyone that comes across the site and just wants to initially browse and work out if they might have a connection with the family name and an interest in contributing to the research work. As this site develops however, increasing amounts of content will be of a private nature, with access restricted only to members of the research group, all of whom have agreed to a specific Baysting ONS Content Management and Publishing Policy.

The separate GEDCOM Viewing and Management facilities, using PhpGedView is used to manage the more structured and detailed family tree development, but this facility can only be accessed by members of the research group.

To discuss joining the group or to make a contribution to the research please click here to contact us , but please note that to limit the opportunities for e-mail addresses to be 'harvested' for spam purposes, the e-mail address is 'modified' to convert the @ into (AT) and the . into (DOT). The sender will need to edit these in their e-mail message form in order for the mail to be sent to a valid e-mail address.

Please click through to the Main Menu Page to see the rest of the unrestricted site.

For further information for new users please click here to see a demonstration and support site for these Research Data Management facilities and click here to see a demonstration and support site for the separate PhpGedView GEDCOM Viewing and Management system.

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