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The main thrust of this genealogical study is to, not only 'discover' and plot the family tree of the BAYSTING family name, but to also research various social themes and historical events that arise from the research of various individuals and their experiences.

The content here is not yet that extensive but is expected to evolve in a somewhat 'organic' manner. Current areas being developed are:

GEDCOM file - discussion on the current development of the overall family tree and the master GEDCOM file

War Records - research into the war records for various individuals

Charles Baysting - born 1899 Fulham, London; son of Joseph John, and known to have joined the Hong Kong police: see photo in Image Gallery

William Samuel Baysting - born 19 Mar 1876 St Saviour, London; son of Emanuel, and found at the Mount Edgcumbe Industrial School Ship in the 1891 census

Name origin - some discussion on the Baysting name, its derivatives and possible origins

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